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Ranges, ovens, cooktops, freezers, and dishwashers are all available from reputable brand Thermador. The company is well renowned for its cutting-edge technology, appealing looks, and superior performance, making it a preferred option for both amateur and seasoned cooks.

Powerful burners, accurate temperature settings, and roomy ovens make Thermador ranges among of the most well-liked devices. Advanced features including steam and convection cooking, self-cleaning capabilities, and Wi-Fi connectivity are included in the brand’s top-of-the-line ranges like the Pro Grand® and the Freedom® Induction.

Because to features like Pure Convection technology, Thermador Star Burners®, and simple touch controls, which are all industry exclusives, Thermador ovens are also quite popular. Your favorite foods may be cooked more quickly and evenly thanks to the company’s unique Speed Oven, which combines the strength of a microwave with the accuracy of convection cooking.

Thermador refrigerators

Thermador refrigerators are renowned for having cutting-edge technologies including integrated air purifiers, humidity-controlled crispers, and movable shelf. The company’s top-tier refrigerators, such the Freedom® Refrigeration and the French Door Bottom Mount, provide lots of room and various storage choices to keep your food organized and fresh.

Thermador provides clients with a whole variety of kitchen appliances from the same brand, in addition to ranges, ovens, and refrigerators. These products include cooktops, dishwashers, and ventilation systems.

The five most popular Thermador appliance models, according to consumers, are as follows:

  1. One model that is well-liked by chefs and food aficionados is the Thermador Pro Harmony Professional Series 36-Inch Gas Range. It is the best choice for cooking large meals since it has a strong 22,000 BTU burner and a 5.7 cubic feet oven capacity. Thermador’s ExtraLow simmer technology, which is a trademark of the company, is also a feature of the range, guaranteeing that food is prepared precisely and uniformly.
  2. Thermador Freedom 36-Inch Built-In Refrigerator: This luxury refrigerator has superior cooling technology and a variety of adjustable storage choices. It has a dual-compressor system that preserves food for a longer period of time, and you may customize the shelves so you can store food items of various sizes. Integrated water filtration is also a feature of the refrigerator.
  3. The 30-inch Double Wall Oven from the Thermador Professional Series is a popular option for home cooks. There is enough room for several items to be cooked at once in its two ovens, which have a combined capacity of 9.4 cubic feet. Thermador’s renowned True Convection technology and a meat probe are just two of the oven’s innovative features.
  4. Thermador Professional Series 36-Inch Gas Cooktop: This high-performance cooktop has five burners, one of which has a strong 18,000 BTU burner. You can precisely prepare delicate meals on the stovetop thanks to Thermador’s renowned ExtraLow simmer technology.
  5. Thermador Sapphire 24-Inch Dishwasher: This premium dishwasher comes with cutting-edge cleaning technology including the Star Speed wash cycle and the AquaStop leak protection system. Moreover, the dishwasher has built-in water softener and movable racks.


How to repair Thermador appliances?

We want to offer our customers such repair services since we recognize how important having functional equipment is. Same-day repair appointments with our professionals are available, and we’ll have it fixed right away.

Your Thermador appliances are a significant component of your everyday life, and at Santa Barbara Appliance Repair we recognize this. For all Thermador appliances, we offer efficient and trustworthy repair services. No matter the problem, whether it involves a range, oven, refrigerator, or any other Thermador equipment, our skilled experts can identify it and resolve it.

You can trust that we will do all in our power to make sure your Thermador appliance is operating properly since our repair services are supported by our satisfaction guarantee. In order to guarantee that your appliance is fixed to the greatest standards, we only use original Thermador replacement parts, and our professionals are outfitted with the most up-to-date tools and equipment.

Burners and heating components that aren’t working properly, as well as cooling and other electrical faults, are some prevalent concerns. We prioritize offering quick and effective assistance because those problems might be aggravating and affect your regular routine.
To maintain the quality of your Thermador appliances between repairs, we also provide periodic maintenance services. The lifespan of your appliances may be increased with regular maintenance, which can also help avoid future problems.
Call (805) 456-6512 for prompt and dependable repair services if you’re having problems with your Thermador appliances. Your appliances will be up and running as soon as possible with the assistance of our helpful and professional team, who are always happy to assist.

TOP-10 F.A.Q. about Thermador repair?

What are some typical problems that Thermador appliance repair is needed for?

Typical problems that may require Thermador appliance repair include damaged door seals, malfunctioning burners or elements, defective temperature controls, issues with the power supply, and error codes that are shown on the control panel.

Should I contact a professional to fix my Thermador stove or can I do it myself?

While simple problems like filter cleaning or replacement can be addressed by homeowners, it’s typically advised to consult a specialist for Thermador appliance repair. Professional technicians are equipped with the skills, training, and specific equipment needed to identify and resolve complicated issues in a secure manner.

How much does repairing a Thermador appliance normally cost?

Depending on the particular problem, the appliance model, and your location, the cost of Thermador appliance repair may vary. To receive prices or estimates for the repair you require, it’s recommended to get in touch with a few reliable appliance repair shops in your neighborhood.

How long does it typically take to repair a Thermador appliance?

Depending on the severity of the issue and the supply of replacement parts, the turnaround time for Thermador appliances can vary. Simple fixes might be finished in a day, but if specialized parts need to be ordered, more complicated problems might take longer.

Do I need to perform any troubleshooting before contacting Thermador appliance repair?

You can try several troubleshooting techniques before calling a repairman, yes. These can involve inspecting the power supply, making sure all connections are sound, cleaning filters or vents, and consulting the user manual for advice on how to troubleshoot your particular equipment.

How can I locate a reputable Thermador appliance repair company in my neighborhood?

You might ask your friends, relatives, or neighbors for referrals if you’re having trouble finding a trustworthy Thermador appliance repair business. You may also read customer reviews, check their qualifications, and conduct an online search for reliable appliance repair firms in your region.

Do Thermador appliances need to be repaired or should they be replaced instead?

Whether to repair or replace a Thermador appliance relies on a number of variables, including the device’s age, repair costs, and general condition. In general, choosing repair over replacement is frequently more cost-effective if the repair cost is much cheaper than the cost of a new equipment and the device is still in good condition.

Do I have any trouble finding replacement components for my Thermador appliance?

Thermador appliance replacement parts are typically accessible. You can consult certified Thermador dealers or service facilities, get in touch with Thermador directly, or do an online search for reliable appliance parts suppliers. Giving your appliance’s model number will help you discover the right replacement parts.

How can I keep my Thermador appliance from developing new problems and increase its lifespan?

Maintaining your Thermador appliance properly can help you avoid problems in the future and increase its longevity. This include performing routine maintenance on the appliance, adhering to usage and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer, not overloading or overheating it, and resolving small issues as soon as they arise.

A warranty or guarantee for Thermador appliance repairs is offered?

Depending on the particular conditions, the warranty or guarantee on Thermador appliance repairs may vary. If the manufacturer’s warranty on your equipment is still in effect, repairs can be free or significantly cheaper. Some repair businesses could also provide their own warranties for the work done. When arranging repairs, it is a good idea to ask about warranty coverage.

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