Santa Barbara Appliance Services

Our company always adhered to highest customer service standards coupled with high quality repairs. The company is committed to these basic successful principles and will continue to stay in that direction in fast paced present and near future. We repaired and maintained various size household and commercial appliances nearly of all makes and models.

Moreover, we specialize on repairing following appliance types: refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, dryer, washing machines, stove, ranges, air conditioners, wine coolers and ovens. Our reputation was built and evolved around excellent customer service and future success of our company depends on how we serve you, our existing and new clients in the Santa Barbara and neighboring cities. So why wait any longer, pick up your phone and call Santa Barbara Appliance Repair today toll free at (805) 456-6512 and our friendly and experienced dispatchers will assist you with setting up a same day repair appointment.

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Santa Barbara Appliance Repair professionals have learned that many people might find themselves under impression that only those appliances that were built 20 or 30 years ago are durable while new appliances are not meant to be long-lasting and break faster. At this point majority of high-tech appliances are more durable and much energy-efficient than early models. However, in case there is some problem present with your new appliance, it would be better to have it checked by licensed and trained person who can fix problems without altering other parts and processes in your appliance.

Our company has the ability to get your faulty appliances repaired and make them run for a longer time. With specialized knowledge and expertise and valuable experience gained over last twenty years, we will select the best efficient option to repair your appliance and restore order in your household. Every repair project in our company is being treated on the individual basis with special care and attention that is needed for your appliance. Finally, in rare cases if you cannot repair your unit, we will make recommendations and utilize our network in Santa Barbara to find place where you can possibly repair your appliance.

Manufacturer Suggested Parts And Equipment Used Only

Santa Barbara Appliance Repair has all skills and tools to complete repair job right from the first time! Call us today for a completely free work estimate at (805) 456-6512. We understand that people try to save money and reduce costs but our company adheres to the principle in which we don’t use cheap aftermarket spare parts to do appliance repairs. We install only manufacturer approved and certified parts that include original factory warranty. Our estimates indicate that we carry over 95% of parts needed for repairs and our inventory allows us to complete majority of repairs within one service appointment as fast as possible. Moreover, our company is concerned about the environmental issues and regulations and our repair crews have training and tools to property transport and dispose chemical contaminants used in various appliance repair.

Services That We Provide To Our Clients

King Appliance Repair is very pleased to employ expert customer service representatives and technicians who can rely on utilizing high end equipment to complete appliance repairs. Our company is proud to have high level of courtesy and respect towards every customer we have. Over last 15 years some competitor companies employed dishonest billing practices and continuous unprofessional behavior thus damaging reputation for other appliance repair companies as well. We have several technicians who walked out on such companies since they had negative work related experience.

However, in our family owned and operated business we understand frustration people experienced in the past while dealing with profit driven companies and we make every effort to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable whether you are new or existing client or you work for the company as regular employee. Our reputation is earned with years of service and we have established great standards to meet our clients’ expectations so they can recommend our services to their friends, and colleagues without hesitation.

Our Clientele

Santa Barbara Appliance Repair is among the most respected companies in the industry. Many locally-based property management and commercial companies, insurance firms and other corporations turned to us since we offered serious and long-term commitment coupled with professionalism. However, we find that providing top-notch services to local families and their homes is deeply embedded in our company.One of the most effective ways of advertising was referrals and word of mouth from our clients and we will do everything to become your number one and only choice for your appliance repair service and we will keep healthy business relationships with you!

Dial (805) 456-6512 as soon as you need help with repairs and let us become your ultimate service provider today!